Born 1965, Plumstead, London. Parents never forgave themselves. Pseudo-human. Two arms, two legs—and counting. Dependent upon proximity to Chernobyl. Childhood fascination with cathode ray tubes lead to poor eyesight and a love of fantasy television. Sporty--can injure himself to Olympic standards with little or no effort. And regularly does so. This specimen can be identified by his unkempt, unshaven look, his limp and a total lack of dress sense.


Born 1962, Enfield, Middlesex. Arrived just as Honor Blackman was signed up for The Avengers—and takes all credit for this! Continued her interest in fantasy television by persuading BBC TV (at the tender age of 1) to take up Sydney Newman's new idea called 'Doctor Who'—that was hard work and the stress meant she went through a lot of nappies. Since then she's taken things more easily and is now paid to watch other people's television. Discovered the life form known as Alan some time in the 1980s and has spent the last 11 years attempting to teach him basic life skills—an ongoing project.


Carlos is a multifaceted man with inclinations for the arts and sciences. Along the way he has been artist, graphical designer, photographer and music journalist, among other things. He's also very keen on cinema, but from the outset he knew he could never be like Orson Welles: at 25, Carlos not only hadn't filmed his first movie, but still lived with his parents... He's from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The Avengers wound up as the subject for David's personal website simply because he hasn't a clue about much of anything else in popular culture. You see, he had his TV service disconnected some years ago and has not watched any television since. Misanthropic, irascible and opinionated, David works as a web applications developer for a major pharma, the result of a 'midlife crisis' career change after too many years spent in marketing. He resides in his home state of New Jersey, USA.


There once was a young illustrator on his way to meet an important client. Concerned that he might forget the client's name, he kept repeating it as he drove... 'Ian Duerden, Ian Duerden...' On arriving at the office, the client asked, 'And you are...?' In his nervousness, the young illustrator replied with the only thing in his head: 'Ian Duerden!' 'Good lord,' exclaimed the client, 'That's my name too. What a coincidence.' The young artist was then introduced to everyone as Ian Duerden. Feeling it was too late to explain his mistake, he decided to change his name. Now there are two Ian Duerdens. Question is, which one is this?


Anthony Robert McKay was born at a very early age in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield in 1963. A vagrant of no fixed hair style, Anthony once filled the empty hours, of which there were many, editing the now deceased magazine Time Screen, spotting television locations and organising annual The Avengers treasure hunts. Tony now lives in Edgecumbe, New Zealand, with his beautiful wife, Jo-Anne Stuart. He is currently working on on-line versions of both Time Screen and A Guide to Avengerland and is earning a crust in the dynamic world of newsprint manufacture.


Due to a lack of foresight within the world of the web, the creators of Deadline/Dead Duck/Illustrated are currently missing, believed wiped. Back in 1997, when the site was first worked upon, the 'money men' did not believe that there would be such things as unlimited web space and in an attempt to save money they reused the memory for DVD e-tailing sites. Nothing survives of these pioneers except the hazy photo at left.