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21 July 2008. The 22nd Dead Man's Treasure Hunt is To Catch A Rat. Want to join the fun? Check out the details!

18 July 2008. An extraordinary find is now an exclusive document at TAF—an eleven-page scene-by-scene plan of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station." And now, for the first time, we can read it under its original working title:


5 May 2008. Bernard Archard passed away; he appeared as Desmond Leeming in "The Master Minds" and Dr. Constantine in "Split!"

29 March 2008. Willoughby Goddard passed away; he appeared as The Deacon in "The Frighteners" and Professor Truman in "Thingumajig."

19 March 2008. Brian Wilde passed away; he appeared as Raven in "The Fear Merchants."

5 January 2008. Seems Cyd Child was not the only stuntwoman to double for Diana Rigg; Annabelle Heath of Shoreham also apparently appeared on screen as Mrs. Peel, according to the Chichester Observer. With many thanks to Barry for bringing this to light.



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