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Rhonda Parker

Rhonda, 1966-69

by David K. Smith

Precious little is known about the Australian actress Rhonda Parker, a.k.a. Rhonda. Apparently Patrick Newell, out of frustration with having to navigate a wheelchair on the set, suggested that Mother needed a "helpmate" after seeing Rhonda when she appeared as an extra in "All Done with Mirrors." She was booked on the spot. Of note is the fact that she never utters a single line of dialog for the whole of her tenure, and for her 18 appearances never received credit.

Statuesque Rhonda, born 1947, stands a full six feet. No wonder she was cast as one of the tall—and, yes, non-speaking—aliens in the Space: 1999 episode "Earthbound" (which guest starred Christopher Lee and was directed by Avengers veteran Charles Crichton). Rhonda has but one film credit on record: Husbands (1970), which was released on video but, regrettably, is currently out of print. Playing Margaret, who appears near the end of the film, she is not hard to spot; although she does (at last?) get a chance to speak, she doesn't say much, and since nearly all of the lines in this film are ad-libbed, there is no knowing what exactly was intended for her character, dialogue-wise, if anything.

Rhonda's Avengers appearances:

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