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David K. Smith—you will forever be my hero. No fan has done more to immortalize The Avengers, to enhance and maintain their legend, their spirit. Actors, writers, directors, producers—whenever fans speak of The Avengers, they will always refer to your website as their primary resource. I wish your successor(s) all the best in their endeavors to continue what you have begun, what would not have been without you. I continue to look forward to your contributions. — Russ Marquiss

Hello, i start with a apology: Sorry for my (lack of) language. I don't speak English. I can read, of course, but perhaps, some sentences would be confusses. I am from Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina, (i hope you can put my face to your numbers) and enjoy inmensally your work with The Avengers site. I read tons of news each day since July this year. I adore The Avengers. I know the show in the 70s and my love increase more and more since then. Before the Internet i think few peoples remain "rabid fans" like me, but, thank God, in the web i know so many nice friends-avengers. I congratulate you for this magnific page, and thank you very much for your efforts in update constantly (we the fans are insatiables) My Avenger Identy-kit: Age: 40. Avenger sicne: Well, this is odd, i discover first "TNA" in 1977 (gratis TV in Argentina), later the Peel-Tara seasons. Guilty of fanatism: My mother, God bless her. Favorite characters: All of them, how i can decide??? Favorite villain: ZZ Von Snerk (crazy chap)Favorite episode: (I don't see some) "A touch of bristome" (not very original) and "The hidden tiger (Emma), and Noon Domsday/Game (Tara) Hit on the site: Daily (addictive) At first, when i become aware that so many youngs become fonds of The Avengerland, i don't understand the reason; now, when i know sites like this one, is much more clear and evident: Around the world are nice people working very well to mantain the memory of the greatest TV serie. Thank you very much again. A greeting from Argentina, Susana. PS: Obviously, i can't send reviews for the episodes, but to me the visitors reviews are always very usefuls, like the pictures, biographies and news. — Susana Carmona, Republica Argentina (Sudamerica)

David, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for The Avengers Forever! Your site fanned a long simmering ember back into a bright flame of enjoyment. After all these years, I still enjoy watching The Avengers over and over. I never tire of the show and just overlook the disappointing aspects there may have been. It's the spirit of the show that I just can't get enough of. I've been a fan and frequent visitor to your site for 6 or so years! I've even "Avenged" my work laptop from your site! While nothing I could say could ever individually convince you to keep the site up and running with updated info and trivia, I wanted to send my sincerest thanks for your efforts before you, and perhaps this site, disappear forever into cyberspace as did the original Avengers! Just wanted to let you know your efforts were appreciated. The site is well done! — Russ Marquiss

In these days of horror and grief, let us take time to remember our more innocent days—to remember a national theme and a universal language, one that gave us Anglophiles great pride and a feeling of accomplishment. Rather than forget it for a month in honor of the British people (sorry, David), let us remember it with strength and purpose. The Avengers took the world by storm and made Great Britain the center of the stars. The perfection of the style, the landscape, the wit, the uniqueness, including the beauty of its celebrities, gave Britain an image that would always be remembered. In loss, people cling to a much-admired identity, they long for a universal language. The Avengers is always in our hearts. For all of those who were deeply affected by the events of recent memory, they will always have Emma and Steed, and the terrorists won't be able to touch them. We are so touched that you printed our comments in the July visitor feedback section. We can't thank you enough. In fact, you are a great man, and your website is a tribute to that. — Anne and Walden (Wally) Moore

David, I think that you have done a brilliant job writing and illustrating the most celebrated series of series such as The Avengers. I was around about 12 years old back when Channel 4 were showing almost the whole series. After school on a Thursday evening at 6 o'clock I would want eager eyed for the most characteristic of Intros and the roll of those frames of Patrick and Diana going through the motions. Each episode held an eager anticipation of what was to come over the course of the next hour and from there my interest in this series was born.

I was privileged on my fourteenth birthday whilst on a visit to London with my father and a school friend to meet the man himself in the Trocadero promoting his current play—Killing Jessica (which, as I understand it, was a theatrical flop by all accounts) and also had my photograph taken. I remember the day like yesterday—confidently recounting my favourite episodes and how thankful I was to have met the man I had admired in a 'school-boy hero' sort of way.

Now some 20 years on, maturity may have lost part of the magic that the series held for me but the series still intrigues me. Sufficiently so to encourage me to purchase the entire collection on DVD for my viewing pleasure. This has cost me a fair amount of money since all my purchases were done on EBay, after the titles had been deleted. However, this in no way worries me—I can watch them whenever I wish and enjoy them again and again (something very hard to do with most DVD movies today).

I have read from cover to cover the Dave Rogers book and PM's The Avengers and Me and I now I have the privilege of reading the wealth of history and other interesting snippets of information not covered in many books—that you have very successfully presented in this easy to use website. I just thought I would convey my thanks and recognition to someone who also has a similarly high degree of admiration for a television show that, now sadly consigned to the history books, will still strike a nostalgic chord with many who appreciate a fine script, the wonderful English countryside and most of all a companionship that many would die for! Thanks again, Guy

first: i'm a designer (have been for 20+ years) and used to producing communication for all sorts of people in all sorts of media. a lot of the guys i've worked with—especially the techies—really go in for 'bells and whistles' to help make their site designs 'engaging'. there is, however, no substitute for quality of content, logical ordering of information and easily-followed navigation. your site scores very highly where it counts without the need of all the 'tap-dancing'. the cross-referencing is extremely thorough. the logicality of it all makes it eminently 'fit for purpose' and a pleasure to use. i forget who remarked (when speaking of typography) that when genuinely good it's like a plain glass window, allowing a clear view of the subject, while ostentatious typography was like a stained-glass window, drawing attention to its own beauty but obscuring the real view. same applies to websites. can i also say that the site is intelligently and well written, in an authentic and engaging tone of voice, without the solecisms often found on enthusiasts' (or indeed some commercial) sites.

oh yeah. second: wasn't the avengers really fab. i remember being allowed to stay up on saturday nights, wrapped in my dressing gown, with a hot drink and biscuits, to the preposterous hour of about nine o'clock (i think) in order to watch diana rigg in black-and-white, 405-line splendour. actually, i'm just about old enough to remember the honor blackman episodes and their unfortunately monotonous theme music. — Richard L, united kingdom

Dear David, It's really an honor and pleasure for me to say hello to you. I'm a "newbie" to TAF (six weeks now) and I don't know how to find the words to tell you how much I think of TAF. I'll never forget the day I found it—I was absolutely, jaw-dropping-on-the-floor stunned. I've never been more impressed with anything I've ever seen on the Web—period. Not just the amount of information (which is overwhelming in itself), but the superb quality of it all just staggers me. TAF is a masterpiece - if only all sites could be half as good. David, most of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me rediscover a long-lost love—The Avengers. It first captured my imagination as a teenager some twenty-five years ago when it aired late nights on CBS, and again during its run on A&E. Sadly for me, I hadn't seen it since then, and my love had faded over the years - until just a couple of days before I found TAF. I heard that great, unmistakable Laurie Johnson theme on the radio, and it was like a dam bursting - all my warm, fond memories of the show came rushing back to me. I've been firmly in the grip of "Avengers fever" ever since, thanks in no small part to you. I now have all the Emma episodes on DVD and can't tell you how enjoyable and wonderful it is to be rediscovering them (or in some cases, discovering them for the first time). The magic is stronger than it's ever been—The Avengers truly is forever! With best regards, John Peters, Bristol, TN

I meant to write you a few months ago to thank you for the part The Avengers Forever played in my getting a job! I recently applied for a position in a communications unit where I would be working on the redevelopment of the corporate web site. For my interview I was asked in advance to show a website I admired and explain to them what features I particularly liked and why—so I used The Avengers Forever! I walked them through the ease of the site navigation, the user friendliness, the interactivity and a number of other facets. My interview panel were bemused by my choice (one of them was from New Zealand and I think used to watch The Avengers) and it helped make the interview go exceedingly well. So much so that I got the job! Anyway, I thought I should thank you for helping with that. Keep up the good work! Yours sincerely, Graeme Burk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I like The Avengers. They entered my life when I was a young student and they stayed in my heart and my memories ever since. I celebrated their return to the Argentinean TV the same way I celebrate the return of an old and loved friend. But this is not just to tell you how much I like The Avengers, this is to tell you how very much I like your Web site. It is so full of love and respect for the show and its people!! Thank you very much for the effort you make to keep our memories alive! — Débora K.

I've just stumbled across this site for the first time and I stand (or sit) in awe of its thorough professionalism. I have visited many, many official or unofficial web sites of various subject matters, but this one must be placed among the top two or three. Not only has an immense amount of time obviously been spent in its creation (a prerequisite for any site that hopes to have even a hint of authoritativeness about it), but a great deal of thought has clearly been put into it as well. The first impressive achievement is the combination of voluminous, even ludicrously obsessive amounts of material which are nevertheless arranged so as not to overwhelm the first-time user. The second achievement is the sparkling, intelligent, friendly writing style that seems to permeate all aspects of the site—this alone inspired instant confidence in me that I was dealing with a person whose judgments and explanations I could trust. So far, this has shown to be true as David's concise summaries (of the show as a whole, of each season, and of each episode) are all models of clear, fluid and enjoyable prose. The third achievement would seem to be the inclusion of a wide range of topics, with interesting and fun material for everyone from the casually curious to the maniacally entrenched. I am a long-time fan of The Avengers myself, but, by the standards of the in-depth knowledge displayed here, I'm but a wee Avengers babe in the woods. However, I now very much look forward to exploring this site bit by bit and learning what I'm sure will be a great deal about this wonderfully kitschy series. Thanks, David! — Lee Johnson, New Haven, Connecticut

What a great sight your homage was when I discovered it. Congratulations. I am a British actor/magician living in Las Vegas but I grew up in London in the prime Avengers years and lived for the show. I had the pleasure of dining with Pat Macnee in Toronto with our mutual friend Michael Sloan (writer/producer of many great TV series, including Kung Fu: the Legend Continues... Alfred Hitchcock Presents... and the creator of the Equalizer). Also present at the meal, Miss Moneypenny herself! What a treat for a spy freak! Michael is in very close touch with Pat and sees him often in Palm Springs where they both have houses. Pat has been featured on all of Michael's shows and contributed many great cameos. If KF the Legend Continues plays in the UK look out for a wonderful episode that is a Valentine to the Magnificent Seven and features Pat, David McCullum, Robert Vaughn and others. I think the title is Redwing. I will check with Michael. He will love your site and I will tell him about it. Kindest regards, Nick Lewin

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