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The Decapod
by Frankymole, Bristol

The Avenged?: The Avengers' first nude! It is startling that that shower shot was allowed in 1962.

Diabolical Masterminds?: No. He's a wrestler, and approaches embezzlement with a wrestler's subtlety, i.e. none.

The Avengers?: Venus' songs are excruciating, but she's not a bad singer, just unsuited to them. She's a right misery, perhaps not surprisingly the way Steed uses her. Philip Madoc is amusingly sinister, as ever, and gratifyingly always one step ahead of Steed and Borb.

Umbrella, Charm and a Bowler Hat?: With Steed's slapping of the waitress' posterior, Stepan's procurement of 'private secretaries', and Borb groping Venus every chance he gets, this has to be the sleaziest yet.

Bizarre?: Patrick Macnee — clearly not a stuntman — is on the receiving end of a prodigious throw in the wrestling ring. Everyone talks so fast they practically gabble. Steed's description of a decapod is practically unintelligible!

It all rather fizzles out. By Venus's second song I was consulting my wristwatch. One bowler on a good day. Bring back Cathy now!

The Decapod
by Matthew Moore, a.k.a. Sixofone

Plot: OK. An Eastern man desiring the Western lifestyle and trying to escape his position happened many times during the Cold War. I guessed that Yakob Borb was the false Decapod, so the episode lost some of the little magic that it had.

Humour: OK. I loved Steed's standing up to that man who was rather rude, then upon seeing that he was quite a strong fellow, Steed shut up and sat down.

Direction: OK.

Acting: Good. It was nice to see Philip Madoc again. It was a pleasure to see Raymond Adamson, who plays Drake's boss in several episodes of Danger Man. Julie Stevens did well with the material she was given.

Music: Poor. Not one but two Venus Smith songs! They are not horrible, but they take up time and do not fit.

Miscellaneous: I didn't see the point of having Venus Smith in the episode. She didn't really help Steed very much. I did feel sorry for Venus in that Steed deceived her. This was my first Venus Smith episode, and I must say I like Tara a little better now. The Decapod's costume was quite a laugh. I enjoyed the wrestling scenes even though I am not a fan of wrestling.

Overall Rating: 3/10

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