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Death la Carte
by Fred Cooper

I think this episode is a fine example of Honor Blackman's charm as a performer. She clearly grabs the visiting Akaba's attention from the beginning, and captures his good side, really the only character that does so. When Cathy and he look out on the penthouse balcony, you believe her when she says London is the only place she would care to live, which turned out to be true for Honor Blackman in real life. The real villain of the piece is Mellor, so memorable in a small role in the Thorson episode "Look - (stop me..." as the fellow who ends up spewing ping pong balls out of his mouth. (What a wacky episode.) One doesn't trust him from the very beginning. This is a strange episode in that there is no fight scene with Blackman, and one misses that greatly. Still, she looks great, with her smart clothes, and the short hairstyle suits her garments. Her reaction when Steed nearly slips off the side of the building still makes me jump a bit; quite harrowing, that scene. Valentino (I wonder who he was named after) Musetti gets to tumble with Steed in the only fight scene. He got some good exposure on the series, having appeared in four other Blackman episodes as well. I like this episode, despite the lack of a Cathy action scene, as I do all of these early episodes. I've come to the conclusion that these are the peak of the series, as they look like television plays, rather than mini-films like the later episodes.

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