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The Secrets Broker
by Experience Steedophile

This episode is worth watching just for the scene where Steed presents Mrs. Gale with a bottle of apricot-flavored brandy. "What makes you think I have depraved tastes?" she snaps. "I can't imagine, my dear," he replies. Must be seen to be believed.

I won't bother trying to list all the bungled lines in this show. But there's a good set-design blooper — the door to Mrs. Gale's apartment is dysfunctional. In an early scene, Steed is leaving the apartment, and he has to call out "Open Sesame!" so that an unseen stagehand will open the door for him. In a later scene, Mrs. Gale walks into the apartment, followed closely by Steed. But the door closes prematurely. Steed manages to poke his umbrella through the gap (paging Dr. Freud!) and Mrs. Gale gets the door open the rest of the way.

The Cathy Gale episodes have a hard-bitten quality that I rather like. Where the Emma Peel episodes are breezy and optimistic, the Cathy Gale episodes are cynical and world-weary. Both men and women are tough and aggressive, the music is rough-edged jazz, and the sex is wicked and dangerous. What's not to like?

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