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Death of a Batman
by Nick Griffiths

Sorry, David, but I rather like this episode. This is the sort of "wet Sunday afternoon" drama which gives The Avengers it's timeless appeal.

Despite the grim nature of the storyline and Kim Mills' (almost) flawless direction to give it a funeral atmosphere, this is quite a jolly episode. We've got many one liners: Steed's observation on the upper-class while reading magazines, for instance.

The funeral scenes are handled well and have a real somber feeling to them. Veteran actor Andre Morell provides a fine performance as Lord Teale, who plays with our feelings. He goes from the gentle solider to the villain of the piece quite convincingly, as he seems a little ruthless.

Philip Madoc is, as always, wonderful as Van Doran and, as in "The Decapod," appears to be the villain as he looks like a villain, which is probably why Doctor Who used him several times. Roger Marshall delivers a wonderful little pear-shaped jewel, although the ending seems a bit rushed.

Kitty Attwood as Lady Cythia Bellamy is wonderfully cheap. Her rapport with Steed is particular good, notably at the start of act three, while she flirts with Steed. Honor Blackman tries to steal the limelight by getting in with the villains, but this is really Steed's story. But I can't spot the microphone!

Four Bowlers.

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