IMHO: 12 April 2002
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Not long ago a visitor made a remark that, while it shouldn't, still bothers me. It wasn't the fact that it was one of the very few disapproving remarks about the site I've received—I'm a big boy, and can certainly handle criticism. It was just a simple question.

"Do you really like the show?"

The point being made was that many of my remarks on Avengers episodes appear to be rather negative. While I could just as easily have ignored it, the question forced me to stop and consider it carefully.

Indeed, it is true. Many of my epigrammatic episode editorials are far from glowing, effusive observations; some are downright scathing.

But do I really like the show?

No, I don't like it.

I love it.

Consider it to be, if you will, a kind of marriage. Even for the most successful and intimate of couples, rarely does one absolutely adore every single aspect or action of the other.

And so it is for me and The Avengers. I will venerate the show until the day I die. But there are still bits of it that bother me to varying degrees, depending on my mood or the phase of the moon or whatever.

Regrettably, I tend to focus on these bits in my commentary, which could rightly be considered a failing of mine. Nevertheless, it should be abundantly evident that such faults as I perceive them do not diminish my adoration for the show as a whole, and so my negativity considerably exaggerates any genuine dissatisfaction.

Most people understand and accept all of this. For anyone who doesn't—even if it is only one person—I want to make everything crystal clear. And if you truly are troubled by anything I have to say, then please feel free to surf elsewhere. No one is forcing you to read it, let alone appreciate it.

And that's my humble opinion.

David K. Smith, 12 April 2002

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