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Take Me To Your Leader
by Tom D-D, London

What do you think of when you hear this title? At first I think of little green men landing on our planet, but a few minutes into the episode we begin to understand it has a much more down to Earth meaning.

This is a story of a red suitcase that is being passed on to different owners by a key that they all have. Then a voice tells them where to go next. This suitcase contains a large amount of money and a bomb for extra security. Steed and Tara are put in charge of tracking this suitcase and apparently is heading for "Mr. Big," who appears to be Mother! But they meet some very interesting people on the way.

Penelope Keith gives an excellent performance as a ballet teacher who hates the children she teaches and is only interested in the case. Her niece has the key (which is a star on a stick). Steed tries to bribe the little girl with a lollypop, but it ends up as 25—but before she can take the money, her aunt hits Steed over the head with a spanner!

Overall this episode has an excellent range of characters, the fight scenes are well choreographed and the plot is original.

I give it 4/5 bowlers.

Take Me To Your Leader
by David Willingham

You have to love any Avengers episode where super-agents Steed and King are pitted against two worthy foes: (1) A bossy talking briefcase, and (2) an angelic 10-year old girl who could teach Al Capone new techniques in bribery and extortion. Happily, Steed and Tara were able to overcome both without any more than the usual number of bumps and bruises.

No fooling, this is an agreeable episode in a lighter vein. The talking briefcase is an effective plot gimmick, and I enjoyed watching the good guys use their ingenuity as they followed the case from one pickup point to another. It was a lot more entertaining (and less pointlessly violent) than a similar situation in Dirty Harry where a psychotic kidnapper runs Clint Eastwood from one rendezvous point to the next.

A few other highlights include:

  • Everyone's favorite scene—Penelope Keith's soul-cleansing scream after spending too much quality time with her troupe of rowdy ballerinas. It was fun to see the aristocratic lady of To the Manor Born driven to hair-pulling by her disobedient young dancers.
  • In fact, the entire scene at the dance studio—and particularly the appearance of an accomplished junior blackmailer—was a gem.
  • Tara getting a chance to prove her mettle in several situations. She was especially resourceful when she managed to retrieve the briefcase after Steed lost it through the false back of the hotel room wardrobe. She also showed courage and a cool head in escaping from the sealed crypt.

Another fine and funny episode. Award it four out of five bowlers.

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