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By Grant L. Goggans

"This could go on forever." In this story's defense, it has attitude in abundance. To fly in the face of virtually every Avengers tradition takes guts. Never before had Steed and King dealt with Victorian archetypes on fogbound streets, and in some ways that's commendable. More recently, The X Files found huge success with periodic episodes, like "Post-Modern Prometheus," that fly totally in the face of that show's convention and tradition. "Fog" doesn't cut it, however. It has balls, but it lacks wit, charm, intelligence or any of the basic fundamentals of TV drama. I appreciate, if not praise, the show's ability and willingness to expand its horizons, but "Fog," with all the dramatic quotient of a first-time effort by TV novices, actually contracts those very horizons. The scenes with the "Steedski"-speaking Russians and the eccentrics obsessed with the Gaslight Ghoul's crimes are painful to watch, and the terrible, poorly lit "night filming" in the studio look far below the high directorial standards set by other efforts from the era like "False Witness," "All Done with Mirrors," or any of Robert Fuest's episodes. A wretched, amateurish piece of television by anybody's standards.

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