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by Terence Kearney

Three Russian assassins are ordered to kill our Steed. (Why Russians?) Anyway, this is a pretty good episode and the suspense is very good throughout the story.

Steed pays a visit to a prison owned by the Ministry and he has to call on a fellow by the name of Ezdorf (Peter Bowles, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Irish R.M.) who has been given order to assassinate Steed. The story drags on a bit here; Steed is in the prison for most of the first part, and this is what is wrong with this episode.

Three of Steed's closest friends, also agents for the Ministry, get bumped off by invisible assassins, and Steed has to get gunning for them. The Russians developed a liquid which, when applied to the body, will enable a agent to disappear. Steed and Tara are then left a series of clues throughout the story.

One clue is a photo of Ezdorf. Letters of the alphabet are found on the photo and this leads Tara to several places. The fight scene in the warehouse is good, and a visit to a Ministry office occupied by invisible lizards helps this story along. Steed pays a visit to the warehouse and wants to buy some vodka, but it is all sold out. The warehouse, of course, is the meeting place for Ezdorf. After he has broken out of the top security prison, he goes hunting for Steed. A major clue turns up in a magazine and this gets Tara into action. It all ends in Steed's apartment, and this time Steed is invisible!

The action is good and the suspense is very good, but the beginning of the episode is too weak to carry the episode.

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