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Aldbury Village

Picturesque Aldbury Village became Little Storping in the Swuff, the setting for "Murdersville" (above left). It also made a brief appearance as Swingingdale in "Dead Man's Treasure" (above right). In the foreground is the pond into which Emma was dunked. Present-day photo by Steven Guillot.

One cannot forget the teaser in "Murdersville," wherein a pair of townsfolk play dominoes whilst a murder takes place in their midst. This is the pub in front of which the teaser and the victim were shot: The Greyhound at Aldbury. Present-day photo by Steven Guillot.

Paul Croft, Emma's childhood friend in "Murdersville," bought this house just outside of Little Storping. This is actually the Stocks Hotel in Aldbury, now a golf and country club. Do you fancy a round? Present-day photo by Steven Guillot.


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