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This is a TrueType font created by Yours Truly based on scans of the series logo from the Emma Peel era. The current version is 1.08, released 1 January 2003. Please let me know if you have any technical difficulties using this font. The sampler below was created in Microsoft Word; upper and lowercase characters are the same, all punctuation is included, and a representative collection of international and special characters is shown:

Sample text

Download the Original Avengers Font

Note: If you do not have font smoothing enabled (or available) on your PC, the diagonal parts of the letters will look jagged on your screen. The font will, however, print perfectly at any size up to 1000 points. To enable font smoothing, right-click on the desktop and choose Properties, select the Effects tab, and make sure "Smooth edges of screen fonts" is checked.

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