Wow, has it really been nearly a DECADE? (9 May 2017) What in the world has happened? What's brought me back? I'm sure inquiring AvengerMinds want to know!

First of all, this is not a "return" in the sense that I'm back to regular updates. But, on the bright(er) side, hopefully I'll be updating TAF a little more frequently than every eight or nine years.

And while I'm a tad late, it's still close enough for me to toot my horn a wee bit:

Yes, TAF has been around for (over) 20 years!

Meanwhile, I've just completed a site-wide refresh to clean stuff up and fix embarrassingly outdated information. I've offered a few details and insights on the whys and wherefores in a new IMHO. Enjoy poking around and seeing what I've done.

Happy Avengering to all,

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