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The Three-Handed Game
By Grant L. Goggans

"And stop staring at me. We're supposed to be watching the embassy." "New" Avengers? Not this week. With the throwback to the ridiculously advanced science of the Mrs. Peel years, this oddball episode, done with a deft, clever touch, could have easily been made in 1967 and been a perfectly average color episode of the original series. It's good, silly fun with our heroes engaging in goofy banter and even stronger than usual Gambit-Purdey interplay. Even Steed gets in on the surreal side when he starts talking about North Atlantic defense routes, tap dancing and Busby Berkeley before admitting he has no idea what he's talking about. Purdey has one of her crowning moments when waiting for the agent in her protection to finish his theatrical mind reading act. Bored in a backstage dressing room, she puts on a silly wig and clown makeup for no reason whatsoever, which of course is absolutely perfect. The very strange tap dance climax is one of the least conventional final fights in the series, and one of the most visually striking.

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