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Medium Rare
by Iain Clarke

A lot of the criticism of The New Avengers I feel stems from the second season. In the previous two reviews I warned of the dearth of good stuff that was generally to follow. Here's a good example. Spooner seems to be trying to rehash some Randall and Hopkirk script here and bring it in with the over-realism of the second season, which doesn't work with The Avengers. I don't mind Steed being framed, but when you know what's happened anyway, it detracts what little suspense the plot had. The leads look decidedly bored here, there's precious little character development, and the pace is dull, dull, dull!

Jon Finch seems to get guest star status merely for the fact that he was Steed in the ill-fated stage show. If they had been able to play it with him as some kind of Steed alter-ego, then maybe things might have got interesting, but they never got anywhere near.

Professionals fans will not appreciate the appearance of a man called George Cowley; if only Gordon Jackson had been on hand to liven things up. Anyway, he's an accountant who's only purpose to the plot is to get killed, so it would have been a waste of talent!

The real reason for watching this episode is Sue Holderness tearing the scenery apart playing Victoria the "psychic," who believes that she honestly has powers until Gambit uncovers the suitably naff reason why she hasn't. Sue deserves two points alone.

Anyway, I can't sit here and watch drivel like this all day, so I'm off to watch "The See-Through Man."


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