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by Iain Clarke

Sorry guys, but this really does stand out as an absolute stinker for me. For a "witty" episode we have precious little true wit, and the leads look fed up with the whole thing, compared to the other comic episode, "The Lion and the Unicorn." What makes this one really frustrating for me is the fact that, right up until the point where Steed gets the Jag stuck, this was really shaping up to be a good episode! There could have been some good humour, but it's so out of keeping, not even in a good way, that this really grates.

Nice, suspenseful opening sequence (you really can believe that Purdey could be about to die), tense debriefing, great switch on the lake, good, understated car chase. Then what do we get? A lame travelogue through Canada accompanied by some very annoying "comedy" country music! We get Purdey put into the car wash for no reason other than to shrink her outfit (you notice how it's never Gambit, don't you), yet another Canadian who seems to enjoy fighting people for fun (are the Canadians honestly suggesting they're this strange? I think not!), and a sequence that re-uses the "Gambit gets a pasting while Purdey simply donks the bad guy at the end" gag from "The Lion And The Unicorn!"

The police jokes hardly help matters (although, to be fair, the scene where they think they have Emily cornered in the junkyard is quite amusing), nowhere near as good as the explanation sequences in "Who's Who???" If the Fox is a master of cunning, then how come Canadian intelligence haven't picked up that he's the guy who works for them who never seems to be in the office? Are they totally inept over there? Our Department being full of traitors and people dropping like flies was one thing, but jeez! He also gives up a tad too easily, not quite living up to his billing! That clichéd coincidence of the handprint surviving also annoys, as does Ms. Daily (like Miss. Daisy—geddit?) saying she's an expert palmist. All I can think of is shouting at the screen. "Well, why didn't you speak up, then? You could have saved everyone including me a whole lot of time!"

Promised to be good at the start but ended up with no character development, no plot, no real humour, no hope.


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