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What you'll find at this site

The encyclopędia contains a great deal of information organized into six volumes with a total of over 1,000 pages that provide:

  • A concise history of the show.
  • Frequently Asked Questions—answered.
  • Season-by-season behind the scenes stories and details.
  • Complete episode lists and loads of information on every episode.
  • Comprehensive actor and character biographies.
  • An index of every guest actor appearing on the series.
  • Indices of all the writers, directors and production personnel.
  • A directory of the people who created and worked on the show.
  • Links galore—over 100 and counting.
  • Book reviews and bloopers found in print.
  • Present-day photos of shooting locations.
  • Details about where the characters lived.
  • Fully-illustrated automobile guides.
  • Over 500 visitor and guest reviews.
  • Legends, lore, myths, and a trivia quiz.
  • Wallpaper, screen savers, themes and other goodies for your PC.
  • Visitor feedback, fan stories and tons more.

For access to all of this, start with the Table of Contents.

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