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This site is dedicated to Avengers fans around the world who have kept the spirit of the show alive for over four decades, but most especially to Patrick Macnee, the one and only John Steed, without whom we would never have had this opportunity for so much enjoyment.


By their very nature websites are often cooperative efforts, and this one is certainly no exception. Out of necessity the acknowledgements list is kept brief, as it would otherwise literally have hundreds of names; rest assured that omission by no means diminishes my gratitude.

I must express my deepest appreciation to the following individuals for their invaluable support, encouragement and contributions above and beyond the call of duty:

  • Susana B. Grassino
  • Steven Guillot
  • Mark Hale
  • Alan and Alys Hayes
  • J.P. Hitesman Jr. and Sr.
  • Neal Klein
  • Jackie Lane
  • J.A.P. Lloyd
  • Bill McCutcheon
  • Alistair McGown
  • Tony McKay

  • Mike Noon
  • Carlos Pagés and family
  • Andrew Pixley
  • Jeff Rosenthall
  • H. David Schleicher
  • Holger Schmidz
  • John Shostrom
  • Andy Smith
  • Pete Stampede
  • James and Margaret Warren
  • Jonathan Woods

Thanks, too, to all of the thousands of enthusiastic visitors who have made so many kind remarks.

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