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Room Without a View
By Grant L. Goggans

"He's very much looking forward to testing your reputation as a gourmet, sir." Like most of the fourth season, this particular episode, unjustly underrated, is helped along by a really stunning script, with plenty of twists and changes of venue. Chessman's scheme is quite original, and Macnee has a lot of fun with the epicurean dialogue Steed is given. He and Paul Whitsun-Jones, who is excellent, have a great scene together. Philip Latham, a veteran of BBC radio drama, steals the show with his not even remotely malevolent portrayal of a hotel manager who just happens to be shipping British boffins off to Manchuria, like it's no more nasty a task than arranging a six night stay with full English breakfasts. On the down side, the big fight at the end is marred by an obvious stunt double for Macnee, although Steed's use of a mop to fend off two Chinese guards with rifles is awfully neat.

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