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The Hour That Never Was
By Rodney Marshall

This is a brave idea which works remarkably well. 'Brave' in so far as for roughly half the episode Steed and Emma are the only protagonists, set against the eerie backdrop of an airbase. The all-pervading silence allows mundane sounds such as a milk float to take on sinister qualities. The part of Hickey the tramp is played to perfection. The fact that we have no idea who the deadly mastermind is (or exactly what his plan entails) until near the end allows the suspense to build unabated. Beautifully directed by Gerry O'Hara who teamed up with scriptwriter Roger Marshall again later on in The Professionals. As in other memorable episodes such as "The Town of No Return," "The Joker" and "Murdersville" it is the location which provides as much interest as the characters themselves.

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