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The Avengers is an urbane, upper-class TV series. It is stiff upper-lip, brolly and bowler hat stuff. And with its pre-occupation with vintage wines and champagnes, maybe a trifle snobbish too.

But racial prejudiced - surely not? Yet when was the last occasion you saw a coloured civilian in this top British series?

The answer is... never.

A coloured actor is one of the taboos strictly adhered to by producer Brian Clemens, who has been involved with "THE AVENGERS" since its inception seven years ago.

Clemens explains that the success of "THE AVENGERS" is due to its element of fantasy. And all the taboos come under the heading of social realities...

Kindly transcribed from the Without Walls documentary by Mike Noon (Deadline and Dead Duck).

It is worth noting that exceptions to this rule occur in "Small Game for Big Hunters," "Honey for the Prince" and "The 50,000 Breakfast."

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