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Something Nasty in the Nursery
By Grant L. Goggans

"Someone always gets to them first." A simple, direct, surreal and straightforward adventure, "Something Nasty in the Nursery" is a very solid and entertaining hour. The regression hallucinations are macabre and off-key, and the scene of the wheelchair bound nanny attacking Steed is priceless. There's a lovely scene of pure comedy in which Steed tries to quiet a dozen stirring babies, and only gives up after Mrs. Peel shows him the trick to the babies: they're dolls who respond to a whispered "hush!" Steed also gets to go down on all fours and growl like a dog, not, you'll agree, a common TV image. It's a story full of memorable little scenes and set pieces which come together to form a more cohesive whole than you'd expect. Best of them all is a fabulous death scene, when a toyshop owner is gunned down by a jack-in-the-box. There only seems to be one sub-par moment, when the villain Mr. Goat does one of those excruciating "explain-it-to-the audience" scenes with one of his cohorts, as though the cohort has no idea what's happening. This is a baffling inclusion in an otherwise fabulous script.

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