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You Have Just Been Murdered
by Gregory A. McVey-Russell

This is a C-blah episode. (Remember your Charlie Brown? He called himself a C-blah student.) It suffers from a plot that goes nowhere. And it doesn't necessarily wear well on repeat viewings. When you've sat through the long, teasing scenes of the millionaire about to be "murdered," it's hard to sit through them a second time. It's like "get to the point already!" And Unwin really got on my nerves. He was a cardboard, macho wimp of a character that frankly wasn't too well acted by Robert Flemying. Perhaps he didn't have enough material to go on.

But the episode did have it's bright spots. Lord Rathbone was amusing and it's always fun seeing Mrs. Peel mercilessly tease those she makes nervous. Needle was a trip. You can tell George Murchell had almost too much fun playing him, but he still came off convincing. And I liked the music scored for the climax where Mrs. Peel is lead to the secret haystack. It's a nice militaristic march with some cool minor overtones. Good mood music.

So over all, yeah, I'd give it two bowlers. As I said, C-blah.

You Have Just Been Murdered
by Matthew Moore, a.k.a. Sixofone

Plot: Good. Frightening millionaires with death works, but it did get a little outlandish at points. So Needle openly gives his name out? Also, Needle and his assistant show their faces with no fear? A very stylistically pleasing plot. It had a great start, but then we see the same thing over and over.

Humour: Good. A few corny jokes pull this one down, like Needle in the tree at the end. I loved Mrs. Peel's fight with Nicholls, especially the bit with the stick. "I won't be a moment, got to phone my banker." "But I am his banker."

Direction: Very Good. Building up to the 'you have just been murdered' part was very well done.

Acting: Very Good. George Murcell did a great job. Leslie French is great as Rathbone.

Tag: Very Good. "nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-ninonaire"

Miscellaneous: Watch the water fight closely. Mrs. Peel throws a man out of water—she must be superwoman. When Rathbone is 'murdered' by poison, it reminded me of a very similar event in The Prisoner episode, "The Girl Who Was Death." Notice when they send Skelton out to get Steed, when the gun fires, Mrs. Peel smiles—women's intuition, I suppose. A good premise and all, but it never really goes anywhere.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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