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Escape in Time
By Rodney Marshall

This episode has plenty of style, a great musical score and some fabulous costumes and sets... but for me it doesn’t quite add up to a "four bowler." This is a great shame for a number of reasons. Peter Bowles is a wonderful, stuttering mastermind; there is a—quite literally—fantastic array of baddies, including a barber who looks like a mad court jester; and Diana Rigg is at her very best in the torture scene. However, it falls flat around the convoluted Mackidockie Court scenes. Also, the basic idea that the criminal elite would be convinced into thinking that they have time travelled—and therefore part with half their ill-gotten gains—through some theatrical scenery is absurd... even by Avengers’ standards where "theatre of the absurd" is often a positive thing. Despite the flaws, though, it is such a visual and aural pleasure that I still enjoy returning to it on a dark winter's night.

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