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Anette André

Judy, Mandrake
Suzy, House of Cards

by Pete Stampede

Annette André played the bemused widow of the ghostly Hopkirk in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)/My Partner the Ghost (1969-70), ITC's series about a pair of private eyes, one of whom is a ghost. Unlike most of the other ITC series, but like The Avengers, R&H had a sense of humour, and knew which side of the Atlantic it was on. After small roles in Cleopatra and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (with Leon Greene and Roy Kinnear), she became fixture casting in the ITC series, including Gideon's Way, The Prisoner, "It's Your Funeral" (1967), The Persuaders!, "Powerswitch" (1971) and seemingly every other episode of The Saint. Logically, she also did a spot on the BBC's Avengers/ITC rival, Adam Adamant Lives!, "Beauty Is An Ugly Word" (1966). She was less visible after Randall and Hopkirk, though she did do a Return of the Saint, "Yesterday's Hero" (1978), also guest-starring Ian Hendry, and in the 80's had a spell in the second-division soap Crossroads. She largely lives in America now (with a wealthy husband, so I hear!).

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