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Glynn Edwards

Blackie, The Interrogators

by Pete Stampede and David K. Smith

Gravel-voiced Glynn Edwards was a member of Joan Littlewood's revolutionary Theatre Workshop company in the 50's and 60's. Usually seen as amiable Cockneys, he's most recognisable from the hugely popular 80's comedy drama series Minder, as barman and confidante to lovable rogues Terry (Dennis Waterman) and Arthur (George Cole).

Born 2 February 1931 in Malaya, he appeared with Ian Hendry in All Coppers Are... (1972) and Get Carter (1971). Notable TV guest appearances include The Professionals, "Servant of Two Masters" (1979), The Saint, "The Organisation Man" (1968), and The Sentimental Agent, "Meet My Son, Henry" (1963).

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