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Maurice Kaufmann

Ivor Bracewell, Quick-Quick Slow Death

by Pete Stampede

Maurice Kaufmann (b. 1928) was a guest on his former wife Honor Blackman's second This Is Your Life in 1993, looking very frail (and with curious sideburns), but mentioning how, following their divorce, they remained the best of friends and she had taken care of him during a recent illness. He died in 1997, and can be spotted, along with Patrick Macnee, in Three Cases of Murder, a lovely old 50s black and white portmanteau movie with Orson Welles that used to always crop up on weekday afternoons on Channel 4. He played Quatermass' assistant in the film of The Quatermass Experiment, and turned up in episodes of No Hiding Place (one shown at the NFT at 1999's Missing Believed Wiped), The Saint (as an Israeli agent), Man In A Suitcase (as an Italian count) and such. On stage, he did Sammy, a solo play about a dodgy Cockney-Jewish operator that had previously been done on live TV by Anthony Newley, and his last role was as one of the jurors in a Bristol Old Vic revival of Twelve Angry Men, with Kevin (Inspector Morse) Whateley, directed by Harold Pinter. Interviews with Honor certainly mention him, but I don't think they ever worked together. First time I saw "Quick-Quick Slow Death" we didn't have the TV Times to hand, and I thought Kaufmann was Laurence Harvey—I lost a 5p bet with my brother because of that!

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