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Bill Wallis

Tubby Bunn, A Touch of Brimstone
Charles Grey, The Positive Negative Man

by Pete Stampede

Rotund, stooped Bill Wallis is a real unsung hero of British comedy. He was a Cambridge friend and contemporary of the great Peter Cook, and when Cook and the rest of the Beyond the Fringe team left to do the show on Broadway, Wallis took over Alan Bennett's roles in the West End. (Funnily enough, Cook's stand-in, Terence Brady, was in "Fog".) At around the same time as "A Touch of Brimstone," Wallis appeared on Cook and Dudley Moore's famous series Not Only But Also, in which they all performed a very silly song about Alan A'Dale. He then played Prime Minister Harold Wilson in Mrs. Wilson's Diary (1969), a stage show based on a regular feature in Cook's satirical magazine Private Eye. Wallis also had several roles in Blackadder's various incarnations, notably as a disgusting jailer "Ploppy, son of Ploppy...", and later had a straight role in Dangerfield, a BBC medical drama.

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