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Anneke Wills

Pussy Cat, Dressed to Kill
Judy, The 50,000 Breakfast

by Stephen La Riviere and Pete Stampede

Anneke Wills came into the world in 1943 and by the age of eleven she had made her acting debut in the film Child's Play. For four years afterwards she attended The Arts Educational Drama School where she won many roles in both theatre and television. Her early television appearances include Armchair Theatre and The Saint.

Three years after her first guest turn on The Avengers she landed a starring role in Doctor Who playing mini-skirted secretary Polly alongside Michael Craze as sailor Ben Jackson from 1966 to 1967. Both were brought in to bridge the gap between outgoing Doctor William Hartnell and his replacement Patrick Troughton. Nine stories later both actors were written out of the series and replaced with new companions.

After another appearance on The Avengers she won a role similar to that of Polly in Strange Report (1968), an ITC series with Anthony Quayle that seems forgotten now. A shame, the theme tune is brilliant! She left acting in the early 70s and moved to Norfolk where she ran a craft shop and, later, became an interior decorator.

Since 1979 she has spent time in Belgium, India, America and Canada. She can often be seen at Doctor Who conventions, and she recently returned to the screen for More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS (1993) and Lust In Space (1998).

Please visit the Official Anneke Wills Website.

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