Although you might think it is quite difficult doing a critical analysis of each episode, it is simpler than you think. First, watch the episode twice to make sure you get the whole thing. Next, watch it as many times as you have categories for reviewing. For example, watch it once so that you can rate the plot, then again so that you can take note of the direction, and so on. Some people can do this all at the same time with one viewing, but I find it best to watch an episode 3-4 times before writing a review. That way there are less likely to be mistakes.

My categories:

  • Direction: How interestingly is it shot?
  • Plot: Does the storyline move in a smooth way?
  • Music: Does the score complement the action?
  • Wittiness: How many good lines are there?
  • Action: How much action does the episode contain?
  • Introduction/Tag (if any): Do we get the impression of being involved right from the word go?
  • Cars/Sets/Locations: Do we have any interesting cars? How well designed are the interiors? How much location filming is there?

Each of these is given a score out of five, with a space for overall impression at the bottom, where I make my final comments, add some interesting details, and give the episode an overall rating on a scale of one to ten.

—Joseph A.P. Lloyd (16 at the time of writing)

Cathy Gale (UK season 2)
Death of a Great Dane (8.5)
Traitor in Zebra (6)
The Big Thinker (5)
Death Dispatch (8.5)
Dead On Course (6.5)
Immortal Clay (4)
Warlock (9)
The Golden Eggs (7)
School for Traitors (5.5)
The White Dwarf (8)
Man in the Mirror (2)
Killer Whale (6.5)

Cathy Gale (UK season 3)
The Undertakers (7)
Man With Two Shadows (8)
Death of a Batman (8)
November Five (8)
Second Sight (7.5)
The Golden Fleece (8)
Don't Look Behind You (9)
Dressed to Kill (9.5)
The Little Wonders (7.5)
The Wringer (9)
Mandrake (7.5)
Build a Better Mousetrap (8.5)
The Charmers (8.5)
Esprit de Corps (8)

Emma Peel (monochrome)
The Town of No Return (8.5)
The Gravediggers (9.5)
The Cybernauts (10)
Death at Bargain Prices (9)
Castle De'ath (7.5)
The Master Minds (7)
The Murder Market (7)
A Surfeit of H2O (9)
The Hour That Never Was (9)
Dial a Deadly Number (9.5)
Man-Eater of Surrey Green (6.5)
Two's a Crowd (6.5)
Too Many Christmas Trees (10)
Silent Dust (6)
Room Without a View (4)
Small Game for Big Hunters (6)
The Girl from Auntie (7.5)
The Thirteenth Hole (7.5)
Quick-Quick Slow Death (8)
The Danger Makers (8)
A Touch of Brimstone (7.5)
What the Butler Saw (9)
The House That Jack Built (9.5)
A Sense of History (7)
How To Succeed....At Murder (2.5)
Honey for the Prince (7)

Tara King
Game (9)
Super Secret Cypher Snatch (9.5)
You'll Catch Your Death (5)
Split! (6)
Whoever Shot Poor George... (5.0)
False Witness (7.5)
All Done with Mirrors (7)
Legacy of Death (6)
Noon Doomsday (6)
Look - (stop me if... (9.5)
Have Guns - Will Haggle (4.5)
They Keep Killing Steed (7.5)
The Interrogators (8)
The Rotters (7)
Invasion of the Earthmen (6)
Killer (9)
The Morning After (7.5)
The Curious Case... (7)
Wish You Were Here (5.5)
Love All (8.5)
Stay Tuned (7.75)
Take Me To Your Leader (7)
Fog (2)
Who Was That Man... (8)
Homicide and Old Lace (2)
Thingumajig (5)
My Wildest Dream (8)
Requiem (4)
Take-Over (7.5)
Pandora (4)
Get-A-Way! (6)
Bizarre (4.5)

The New Avengers (season 1)
The Eagle's Nest (7.5)
House of Cards (6.0)
The Last of the Cybernauts...? (4.5)
The Midas Touch (5.5)
Cat Amongst the Pigeons (9)
Target! (7)
To Catch a Rat (6)
Tale of the Big Why (7)
Faces (8)
Gnaws (1)
Dirtier by the Dozen (4)
Sleeper (8.5)
The Three-Handed Game (7.5)

The New Avengers (season 2)
Dead Men Are Dangerous (9.5)
Angels of Death (8)
Medium Rare (3.5)
The Lion and the Unicorn (6)
Obsession (7.5)
Trap (0.5)
K is for Kill, Part 1 (6)
K is for Kill, Part 2 (5.5)
Complex (4)
Hostage (8.5)
Forward Base (7)
Emily (6.5)
The Gladiators (1)

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