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TheAvengers.TV was created by David K. Smith in March 2001 and quickly grew into a community of diverse, high-quality Avengers websites, with David's site, The Avengers Forever, at its heart. Eight months later, TheAvengers.TV's discussion board was relaunched as TheAvengers.TV International Forum, having been developed collaboratively by David and the other members of the team. Since these pioneering days, the family has expanded further and now boasts an even wider variety of Avengers sites, focusing on different aspects of the series from many perspectives.

TheAvengers.TV is particularly proud of its internationality, the team being comprised of member webmasters from the United States of America, Argentina, New Zealand and Great Britain. The community and individual member sites have garnered favourable reviews in fan circles and the media.

TheAvengers.TV continues to grow with new sites coming on board and major additions and improvements to the existing ones. The webmasters' aim remains unchanged—to provide essential resources and facilities for Avengers fans that are second to none.

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