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Cathy Gale

Department: Unofficial operative
Active duty: 1962-64
DOB: 5 October 1932
Assigned to: Steed, John

Born in 1932, Catherine Gale grew up to become the archetype of the independent woman. Passionate about anthropology, hers was to be a life of high adventure—but not until she had met a certain man (and not the one you think)...

Her chance encounter with destiny took place in London, where she met a farmer from Africa up on holidays. His lifestyle as appealing to her as the man himself, she married him and moved to Africa. There she learned to hunt and handle guns, to fix trucks and, in general, to be self-sufficient—she would have been termed a "renaissance man" had she been born the opposite gender.

After her husband was killed on the farm, Cathy remained in Africa a few more years and added photography to her unusual array of skills. Eventually returning to London, she earned a Ph.D. in anthropology and took her studies to the field—she was nearly killed during an excursion to the Amazon.

While working as a curator in a London museum, her life took a sudden right-angle turn when John Steed asked for her help in a matter regarding black magic. Although his work as an undercover agent intrigued her, his ruthlessness and callous attitude repulsed her. It was mostly out of the desire to assist those in need that she agreed to work with him—that, and the sheer thrill of risking life and limb for a worthy cause.

And so her collaboration with Steed became something of a love-hate relationship. Yet it was her unyielding moral conviction that saved his career—indeed his life—on one occasion, as she came to his defense when his superiors, in their ignorance, had forsaken him.

Ironically she retired from professional sleuthing while she was at her peak; in all likelihood this was out of a desire to avoid it becoming drudgery. Still, it remains a mystery as to how, after retiring, she wound up being spotted at Fort Knox...

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