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Mike Gambit

Department: MI5½
Active duty: 1976-1978
Assigned to: Steed, John
See also: Purdey


A Major in the paratroopers, Mike Gambit dabbled in motor racing prior to joining the Ministry. Born in the mid-forties, he was a cool, tough young recruit and an interesting contrast to his superior, mentor and best friend, John Steed: whereas Steed rarely if ever carried a firearm, Gambit was usually armed for bear; whereas Steed fought with cunning and guile, Gambit was an expert in unarmed combat, and under the right circumstances could very nearly dodge a bullet; whereas Steed was an upper-class old Etonian gentleman, Gambit was unashamedly from the lower classes—a detail that Steed, however, did not hold against him.

Being something of a killing machine took its toll, and he hid the stress behind a façade of jokes and gimmicks; his modern, high-tech flat, replete with touch-button gadgets such as a sofa-come-retracting bed, could be regarded as an extension of his persona. But glimmers of his soft side could be seen, for example, in the care he showed for Charlie, a little sparrow that visited him at his kitchen window each morning.

One might say, too, that Gambit was "licensed to love and kill," for he could be tracked practically anywhere by following the trail of attractive, broken-hearted young women. Ironically, the one nearest and dearest to his own heart—his partner, Purdey—only had eyes for Steed...

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