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Tara King

Department: MI5
Agent Number: 69
Active duty: ca. 1968-69
Assigned to: Steed, John

Immediately upon completing her Ministry training, Tara King was assigned to John Steed—in whom she fell madly in love, despite his being old enough to have fathered her. Perhaps that's why he seemed to care for her in a fatherly manner, taking the time to complete her training himself. And what better training could she have—in the field, under the tutelage of the best of the best?

As Ms. King was a bona fide Ministry agent, her past, like his, is obscure. About all that is known is that she was born in the late forties and attended a finishing school. Her tenure with Steed began in 1968, at the tail end of the "decade of the diabolical mastermind," and so she saw progressively less action as they moved into the seventies. The "high point" of her career, very likely, was a rumored space flight that put her and Steed briefly in orbit.

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