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Emma Peel

Department: Unofficial operative
Active duty: 1965-67
Height: 5'-8"
Assigned to: Steed, John

Born on a spring day in the late thirties, Emma Knight proved to the world, at the relatively tender age of 21, that she was as competent and capable as any man by becoming Chairman of her father's corporation, Knight Industries, where she ruffled more than a few feathers. But it wasn't enough for this brilliant, restless young woman...

Not to mention attractive young woman. So acute was her unselfconsciousness, though, that she was virtually oblivious to the fact that she could inflict whiplash on any male having a pulse. And her daring, sometimes experimental fashion sense only served to heighten this effect.

She married Peter Peel, a test pilot who fell victim to a plane crash and was presumed dead. This was, perhaps, a blessing in disguise, for she seemed far too independent to spend the rest of her life quietly tending the home fires.

It was John Steed who provided her with exactly what she sought in life: action, adventure, intrigue, danger, and excitement. As a bonus, she got a fencing partner, a loyal friend, and a lifetime supply of fine wines.

And it was John Steed who afforded her an opportunity to exercise her prowess in Karate and Kung Fu, as well as her considerable mental faculties, to defeat of all manner of diabolical mastermind. Equally at ease sewing or writing papers on thermodynamics, Emma was also adept with sword or gun, and could shoot the cork off a champagne bottle at twenty paces—or was it thirty?

Although she was considered an amateur, she often out-sleuthed and out-fought trained agents, and so was held in the highest esteem and trust by her peers and by the Ministry. However, the discovery of her husband alive in the Amazonian jungle led to her early retirement from active service—a significant loss to the Ministry and most especially to Steed, for indeed she occupied a very special place in his heart.

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