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Department: MI5½
Active duty: 1976-1978
Height: 1.732 meters
Weight: 58.967 kilograms
Assigned to: Steed, John
See also: Gambit, Mike

Born in the mid-forties (and named, somewhat prophetically, after a gun), Purdey began her professional life as a dancer and was about to settle down after having met one Larry Doomer, a.k.a. "Mister Right." Sadly, things then started going terribly wrong: the man she'd intended to marry became dangerously obsessed by his father's execution at the hands of Arab soldiers, and she was rejected by the Royal Ballet for being too tall.

That her life had been checkered with violence and intrigue—her father murdered, her uncle a high-ranking military officer, her fiancée a fighter pilot involved in an attempted political assassination—it perhaps follows that she eventually became a secret agent, with a lethal high kick and a passion for... marshmallows. Trained by the Ministry and excelling at every level, she joined a unique three-person team, serving with John Steed and Mike Gambit.

It is well known that she and Steed had rather a soft spot for one another—a fact that was exploited by more than a few diabolical types. She was also reluctantly fond of Gambit, who worshiped her from afar. Despite their frequent haggling, they held one another in the highest respect, and together with Steed formed a formidable triumvirate.

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