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Linda Thorson

Tara King, 1968-69

by David K. Smith

She was born Linda Robinson on 18 June 1947 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and moved to Great Britain in 1965 where she trained as a dancer. An alumna of London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she won speaking and singing honors (soprano), Linda's professional career was launched quite abruptly at the tender age of 20 when she was selected to replace Diana Rigg as John Steed's partner, choosing for herself the name of Tara King ("Tara" from Gone With the Wind and "King" from "King and Country"). After the demise of The Avengers, she continued to accumulate a respectable list of stage, film and television appearances.

Linda shortened her married name from her first husband, Barry Bergthorson, for her stage name. Previously married three times, on 20 November 2005 she married her longtime partner Gavin Mitchel, currently lives in New York City, and has a son, Trevor, from a previous marriage. Rumor has it she once dated Frank Sinatra, having met him while dating Harry Guardino; Sinatra became the godfather of her son.

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