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JOHN STEED: 5 Westminster Mews (1)

Steed gave his address as 5 Westminster Mews in "Propellant 23," which means this must be it. But given the structural changes the main building must have undergone, his next flat can't possibly be the same address.

At any rate, the first shot is from the main living space looking toward the kitchen, which is located under the balcony; the door to the kitchen is almost dead center, and there is a window opening to it, left center. The tall dark rectangle, right center, is the main entrance.

The second shot is the little foyer, which is located under the balcony, straight back in the first view. The entrance is the panel to the right; to the left is the passage to the kitchen.

Looking to the left of the first view we see Steed's "library." The door leads to one of possibly two bedrooms; since the bathroom is on the second floor, it is likely this is a guest room. The dark blob at lower right is the sofa seen lower left of the first view.

The last shot is a unique exterior from "Warlock." Given this flat's rather rustic quality and loft-like second floor with the balcony and stairs, it is highly unlikely that the modern high-rise seen behind an inebriated Steed (actually the studio where the series was shot) is where he lives; it is probably a nearby or adjacent building.

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