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JOHN STEED: 5 Westminster Mews (2)

This is certainly a substantial improvement over his previous flat, I should think. From the moment one enters the foyer (at left), one can detect that this is a worldly man of some means and possessed of good taste. He lived here from early 1963 to late 1964/early 1965.

The spacious living area features a curious curved ceiling detail over the windows that lends it the faint air of a railway coach. According to Steed, one can see "clear across the river" from his flat. Just off the right edge is a small pass-through opening to the kitchen. And to the left is the fireplace, shown below. The portrait above the mantle is of Steed's great grandfather, R.J.K. de V. Steed.

A rare look at the kitchen is shown at left. Straight ahead in this view is the main entrance; at the top left corner of the image is a small pass-through window that opens into the main living space.

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