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JOHN STEED: 4 Queen Anne's Court

Far and away the most appealing of Steed's flats, IMHO, is the one at 4 Queen Anne's Court, Tothill Street, Westminster, a quiet, tidy little corner of London, as seen at left. Steed lived here from late 1964/early 1965 through mid 1966.

The view from the fireplace looking toward the living area, above, includes the main entrance at center rear and, at the extreme right edge, the kitchen door. (Trivia: Steed's Regency sofa made an early appearance in the Cathy Gale episode, "Death on the Rocks.")*

The second panorama shows the view just to the left of the first, with the bedroom door at the far left. Below this is a view of the kitchen. Emma's presence is evident here, as her purse and gloves rest on the table in the foreground.

Along the right are three rare detail views. The first, taken from the raised foyer, catches Steed in the midst of a nap; above his head is the bedroom door. In the second, Emma graces a shot of Steed's gun collection, which faces a pair of clearstory windows. This corner of the room is flanked by the kitchen door to the left and the fireplace to the right. Speaking of the fireplace, the last image is a detail of the mantle. I've yet to discover who is the subject of the painting; I'm guessing it is a relative.

*This image appears in Reading Between Designs: Visual Imagery and the Generation of Meaning in The Avengers, The Prisoner and Doctor Who by Piers Britton and Simon Barker. Order the book here.

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