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Welcome to Emma's new flat.     

EMMA PEEL: Primrose Hill Studio Flat

Sometime late 1966 Emma moved into a ground-floor studio flat near Primrose Hill. No exterior views are available, and we also never see her kitchen...

Emma's second flat, phase 1: panoramic view.
More room without the scultpure.
Under reconstruction.

Second-generation doorbell button.


Smack in the middle of the first panorama is Emma's sculpture project; it's gone in a couple of months, allowing more room for furniture. The onset of 1967 brought the onset of serious redecoration (above), and the results (below) barely resemble the origins, with only the windows and main entrance intact.

Emma's second flat, phase 2: panoramic view.
The set.

Perhaps the most unusual view occurs in "Epic," when we get to see the actual set used for the final version of Emma's flat.


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