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EMMA PEEL: Hampstead Penthouse

Up until late 1966 Emma lived in a sleek, modern penthouse atop a high-rise in Hampstead, guarded by the "cyclops," which Steed eyes warily (left).

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of this unique dwelling is that there are no right angles, and the only conventional door is the main entrance, far left; all the rest are sliding doors. The kitchen entrance is to the right of the high-tech entertainment center/bar behind the right-side sofa—on which, you'll note, are Steed's bowler and brolly. The living area, enlarged below, features a free-standing fireplace surrounded by a wrap-around sofa, and sliding doors leading to the bathroom, darkroom and storage.

From within the kitchen, if the kitchen door was enlarged, one would see the panorama above, which reveals the area directly behind the fireplace. To the far left in this image is the bedroom door, through which the bed is visible. To the right of the bedroom is access to the balcony, which wraps around the living room.

The compact, modern kitchen with its built-in appliances is shown in the detail view, above left. Seems either Emma just had a party, or she is not particularly diligent about washing her dishes.

Next are two exterior views of the building; note the name visible in the second. The actual location is Highpoint 2 in Highgate. Tony McKay reports that the statues by the entrance are a result of the architect being told that Highpoint 1 was too "modern."

The architect was Tecton, a distinguished firm of British architects, established by Bernhold Lubetkin. Denys Lasdun was at one time a partner. They designed the Penguin Pool and Gorilla House at London Zoo; two blocks at Highpoint and North Hill flats at Highgate; Finsbury Health Centre; and flats in Roseberry Avenue.

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