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CATHY GALE: 14 Primrose Hill

Cathy actually moved into this flat prior to the onset of her second year as an Avenger (very early 1963); she is first seen living here in "Killer Whale." It certainly made a change from the dreary little flat she occupied previously.

Welcome to the future. Above is a bird's-eye view of the main living space. Among other things, this ultra-modern dwelling features an intercom system to screen visitors and a remote-controlled powered sliding main entrance (center rear). The sofas, as such, face a cylindrical freestanding fireplace (see the small image at top). The walls are comprised of slender solid panels alternating with adjustable metallic louvers. Below is a view of the kitchen.

The effect of the unusual wall treatments might be a little disconcerting for some, as it bears an unfortunate resemblance to the interrogation chamber that Steed had to endure in "The Nutshell" (left).

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