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Immortal Clay
By Joseph A.P. Lloyd

Direction: One and a half out of ten. Here we have a director who we know can direct very well (see "The White Dwarf" for confirmation), understating himself. It is not really his fault, as he is given a lame, gritty, realistic script to start with, but there are no interesting shots at all. Sorry, old chap.

Plot: Two out of five. Although not nearly as bad as some will have you believe, "Immortal Clay" does indeed have a very standard plot, far more akin to the first ever series (see "Diamond Cut Diamond") so, already this story is old-fashioned. However, the sub-plots add depth and realism to the characters, which is a good thing, as Mitchell wants this episode to be realistic. It is a very easy thing to lose, though.

Music: Half a point out of five. This already rather-dull episode is made even worse by the fact that there is not even the standard music present. I fell asleep after ten minutes the first time I watched this!

Introduction: One out of five. The introduction is very brief, and it is as confusing as the rest of the episode! (There is no tag)

Action: One out of five. There is a big scrap at the end between all sorts of people, but at the end it is not even clear who has won!

Wittiness: Half a point out of ten. Again, another low score. I really don't want to say this, as I like "Man With Two Shadows" so much, but there is absolutely no wit in the script! Sorry.

Cars/Sets/Locations: One and a half out of ten. The sets are not as tacky as "The Big Thinker," but they are very standard, and there is no location filming and no cars. Ah well, you could just sleep through it.

Overall Impression: Based on what I have written above, this episode, does not deserve more than two out of ten. But I am prepared to give it double that for two reasons. 1) De Groot and Bolberg are such a great pair of villains. 2) The night watchman really sums up this episode: Northern, dated, and a bit shabby. Mitchell succeeded in making this episode realistic, but he really missed the direction in which the series was going. I do like the idea of an unbreakable cup, though!

Rating: Four out of ten.

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