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Steed finds secrets disappearing like magic
Venus steps into a suicide box*

Production completed: 17 January 1963
UK Premiere (London, Season 2): 21 January 1963
US Premiere (A&E cable):ca. 19 February 1991

A night club magician's assistant "disappears" in a magic box, only to return dead. And just to prove it wasn't a fluke, he does it twice! Meanwhile, secrets are leaking from high sources, and a wheelchair-bound general, whose daughter has hired a faith-healer to help him, is suspected.


A real mixed bag. The object of the title is not the magician's box, but instead a small one used by the faith-healer. Unfortunately, once this is revealed, the answer to the puzzle can be seen miles away. Must also endure not one but two corny songs by Venus.


This story was originally scripted to include both Cathy Gale and Venus Smith. Now that might have been interesting...

Some scenes were pre-recorded on 16 January 1963 in advance of the main recording.

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

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Teleplay by
Story Editor
Designed by
Directed by

Peter Ling & Edward Rhodes
Richard Bates
Anne Spavin
John Bryce
Kim Mills

Full production credits


John Steed
Venus Smith
Kathleen Sutherland
General Sutherland
Dr. Gallam
Gerry Weston
With: [Head Waiter]

Patrick Macnee 007
Julie Stevens
Jane Marrett
Maurice Hedley
Edgar Wreford
Ian Curry
April Olrich
Dallas Cavell #
Jacqueline Jones
Robert Hartley
Royston Tickner
Gail Starforth
Lynn Taylor
Gregory Scott
and The Dave Lee Trio


Dallas Cavell

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