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The 007 Connection

The connections between The Avengers and James Bond run a tad deeper than just the genre. Here are all of the actors (known) to have worked on both:

Anthony Ainley (Sunley, "Noon Doomsday") was one of the Hong Kong policemen who discover Bond's supposed corpse in You Only Live Twice.

Maria Andipa (Singer, "Death Dispatch") made an uncredited appearance in From Russia With Love. BTW, her real name was Maria Antippas. Thanks, Wayne!

Patrick Barr (Colonel Stonehouse, "Take Me To Your Leader") was the British Ambassador to East Germany in Octopussy.

David Bauer (Bishop of Winnipeg, "The Little Wonders"; Ivanov, "The Girl from Auntie") was diamond smuggler/mortuary owner Morton Slumber in Diamonds Are Forever, and a U.S. Delegate in You Only Live Twice.

Geoffrey Bayldon (Professor Kildbride, "The Deadly Air"; Clapham, "Escape in Time") played "Q" in the parody film Casino Royale.

Peter Bayliss (Walter Dinsford, "The Murder Market"; Professor Dodge,
"Get-A-Way!") is an unfortunate Russian commissar in From Russia With Love.

Steven Berkoff (Sager, "The Gravediggers") plays an insane Russian general in Octopussy.

Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale) was Pussy Galore in Goldfinger.

John Bluthal (Ivenko, "Two's a Crowd") played the doorman to the Casino Royale and an M.I.5 man in the film of the same name.

Bruce Boa (Bob Slade, "Dead On Course"; Mahon, "Trap") is an American general in Octopussy. (He also may be seen as General Rieekan in The Empire Strikes Back.)

Marc Boyle (McKay, "Target!"; stunt coordinator, The Avengers movie) was the stunt coordinator for License to Kill.

James Bree (Miller, "Immortal Clay"; Wilkinton, "Killer") was Blofeld's Swiss lawyer in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Robert Brown (Saul, "The Town of No Return") played the new "M" in the series from Octopussy to Licence to Kill.

Peter Burton (Fleming, "Small Game for Big Hunters") played "Q" for only one film, Dr. No.

Anthony Chin (Oriental Interrogator, "Room Without a View") was a SPECTRE guard in You Only Live Twice, as well as a Taiwanese tycoon in A View to a Kill.

John Cleese (Marcus Pugman, "Look - (stop me if you've heard this one)...") played "R," assistant to "Q" in The World Is Not Enough and now that Desmond Llewelyn has passed on he has continued in Die Another Day.

Michael Collins (Technician, "Mr Teddy Bear"; Det.-Sgt. Rogers, "Brought to Book") dubbed Auric Goldfinger in Goldfinger, and not David De Keyser as is often cited. (It has not been determined, however, if this is the Michael Collins...)

James Cossins (Henry Lasindall, "Pandora") played a ballistics expert in The Man With the Golden Gun.

Bernard Cribbins (Arkwright, "The Girl from Auntie"; Bradley Marler, "Look - (stop me if you've heard this one)...") plays a taxi driver that drives from London to Berlin in Casino Royale.

Ronald Culver (Colonel Timothy, "You'll Catch Your Death") is the Home Secretary in Thunderball.

Bill Cummings (Golda, "They Keep Killing Steed") is a bumbling SPECTRE thug in Thunderball.

David De Keyser (Dr. Prator, "Faces") did the voice dubbing for Draco in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. He also plays a plastic surgeon (how appropriate!) in Diamonds Are Forever.

Francis de Wolff (Hercule Zeebrugge, "The Far-Distant Dead") was a Gypsy leader in From Russia With Love.

Edward de Souza (Brian Collier, "Six Hands Across A Table"; Robert Flanders, "The Curious Case of the Countless Clues") is Bond's chum, Sheik Hosein, in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Vernon Dobtcheff (Pushkin, "Room Without a View"; Spencer, "The Living Dead"; Stenson, "Thingumajig") is a nightclub owner axed by Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Guy Doleman (Oliver Waldner, "Six Hands Across A Table") portrays SPECTRE agent Count Lippe in Thunderball.

Valentine Dyall (Butler, "You'll Catch Your Death") was the booming voice of Dr. Noah in Casino Royale—Dyall was famous for reading horror stories on radio as the Man in Black.

Edward Fox (Lord Teddy Chilcott, "My Wildest Dream") is "M" in Never Say Never Again.

Leslie French (the butler in "Death of a Great Dane"; Rathbone in "You Have Just Been Murdered") was a Lavatory Attendant (yes, I'm afraid so!) in The Living Daylights, his last movie. He had earlier been a contender to play the first Doctor Who.

Hal Galili (bit part, "They Keep Killing Steed") was an American gangster in Goldfinger.

Eunice Gayson (Lucille Banks, "Quick-Quick Slow Death") was Bond's semi-steady girlfriend in Dr. No and From Russia With Love.

Julian Glover (Vogel, "Two's a Crowd"; Masgard, "The Living Dead"; Major Peter Rooke, "Split!"; Rupert Lasindall, "Pandora") was the villainous Kristatos in For Your Eyes Only.

Michael Goodliffe (Professor Keller, "The House That Jack Built") had a very small role indeed, practically an extra, as the Chief of Staff in The Man With the Golden Gun; perhaps he had a larger scene that wound up being cut.

Romo Gorrara (Guard, "Room Without a View"; Gregor, "Legacy of Death") did stunts for Tomorrow Never Dies—with his name misspelled!

Willoughby Gray (Padley, "You'll Catch Your Death") is an insane Nazi scientist in A View to a Kill.

Richard Graydon (George Reed, "Honey for the Prince") did stunts on several of the early Bonds, playing Draco's driver in On Her Majesty's Secret Service for example, before eventually getting a credit on Octopussy as a circus act loon called Francisco the Fearless.

Fred Haggerty (Driver, "The Hour That Never Was") plays a Bulgarian assassin in From Russia With Love.

Paul Hardwick (Viscount Frederick Webster, "Something Nasty in the Nursery") has the interesting task of playing Leonid Brezhnev in Octopussy.

John Hollis (Markel, "Warlock"; Sensai, "The Cybernauts"; Kanwitch, "The Superlative Seven"; Zoltan, "Legacy of Death") threatens Bond in the teaser to For Your Eyes Only.

Bernard Horsfall (Jephcott, "The Cybernauts"; Fox, "The Fear Merchants"; Captain Smythe, "They Keep Killing Steed") is Bond's near-silent confederate in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Arthur Howard (Mr. Groves, "The Springers") has a very small role as Hugo Drax's butler in Moonraker. He is the brother of Leslie Howard.

Alf Joint (Big Man, "A Touch of Brimstone") finds himself in a "shocking" situation in the teaser to Goldfinger.

Burt Kwouk (King Tenuphon, "Kill the King"; Mason, "Lobster Quadrille"; Tusamo, "The Cybernauts") was Mr. Ling, a Chinese agent, in Goldfinger, and briefly appears in Casino Royale. (He is best known for playing Cato in the Pink Panther series.)

Christopher Lee (Professor Stone, "Never, Never Say Die"; Colonel Mannering, "The Interrogators") plays Scaramanga, The Man With the Golden Gun.

John Le Mesurier (Dr. Macombie, "Mandrake"; Benson, What the Butler Saw) had an unbilled, split-second, wordless cameo in Casino Royale, immediately after the opening titles; he played John Huston's chauffeur and looked as bewildered as the audience were about to be.

Valerie Leon (Betty, "Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?") plays a hotel clerk in The Spy Who Loved Me and fishing fan in Never Say Never Again.

Cec Linder (Baker, "Complex") played Felix Leiter, Bond's CIA friend, in Goldfinger.

Philip Locke (Moxon, "The Frighteners"; Roy Hopkins, "Mandrake"; Dr. Henry Primble, "From Venus With Love") played Vargas, a thug "who gets the point", in Thunderball.

Joanna Lumley (Purdey) may be seen in a bit part as the English Girl in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Patrick Macnee (John Steed) was Sir Godfrey Tibbett in A View to a Kill. He is also the narrator for many of the "Making of..." specials included on the DVDs.

Duncan Macrae (Brigadier General Sir Ian Stuart-Bollinger, "Esprit de Corps") played a Surete man with a Scottish accent in Casino Royale.

Peter Madden (Dr. Wadkin, "Room Without a View"; Uncle Gregory, "Pandora") has a bit part as a chess player in From Russia With Love.

Marne Maitland (Becker, "Death's Door") is a gun manufacturer in The Man With the Golden Gun.

Richard Marner (Man on TV Screen, "The Thirteenth Hole") was the radio operator spouting pidgin Russian when the Russian spacecraft is kidnapped in You Only Live Twice.

Bryan Marshall (Phillipson, "Who Was That Man I Saw You With?") plays Captain Talbot in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Berkeley Mather (screenplay, "The Frighteners") also worked on the the screenplay for Dr. No.

Lois Maxwell (Sister Johnson, "The Little Wonders") played Miss Moneypenny in every official Bond film from Dr. No to A View to a Kill.

John McLaren (Freedman, "Dead On Course") was an American Brigadier in Goldfinger.

Michael Mellinger (Mateos, "The Far-Distant Dead"; Fraser, "The Sell-Out") was Kisch, who is eliminated in Fort Knox, in Goldfinger.

Caroline Munro (Tammy, "Angels of Death") is a murderous helicopter pilot in The Spy Who Loved Me.

George Murcell (Hooper, "Square Root of Evil"; Needle, "You Have Just Been Murdered") was the Russian counterpart to the American Deligate played by David Bauer in You Only Live Twice.

Bill Nagy (Johnson, "The White Dwarf") is an American gangster killed in Goldfinger.

Geoffrey Palmer (Philip Anthony, "Dance with Death"; Paul Manning, "Propellant 23"; Dr. Terence, "Man With Two Shadows"; Martin Smythe, "A Surfeit of H2O") was Admiral Roebuck in Tomorrow Never Dies.

George Pastel (Arkadi, "Honey for the Prince") is a Train Conductor in From Russia With Love, although the Bond film credits spell it "Pastell."

Eric Pohlman (Mason, "A Chorus of Frogs") provides the voice for Blofeld in both From Russia With Love and Thunderball.

Peter Porteous (George Vinkel, "The Charmers"; Nazi Corporal, "The Eagle's Nest") played Lenkin, a jewel forger, in Octopussy, and a pipeline supervisor in The Living Daylights.

George Pravda (Marko Ogrin, "The Radioactive Man") played Dr. Kutze, the scientist who armed the nuclear bombs, in Thunderball.

Anna Quayle (Olga, "The Correct Way to Kill") plays Frau Hoffner, leader of a spy school, in Casino Royale.

Nadja Regin (Anna Danilov, "Girl on the Trapeze") appears briefly in From Russia With Love, and entertains Bond in the teaser to Goldfinger.

Robert Rietty (Carlo, "Conspiracy of Silence"; Dom Carlos, "Trap") provided the voice-over dubbing for Emilio Largo in Thunderball, Tiger Tanaka in You Only Live Twice, and two characters in Dr. No - Strangways and Police Superintendent Duff. He also appears onscreen as the Chef De Jeu in On Her Majesty's Secret Service and as the Italian Delegate in Never Say Never Again.

Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) was Tracy, Bond's wife, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Joe Robinson (Max, "November Five") gets to tussle with Bond in a glass elevator in Diamonds Are Forever.

Jeanne Roland (Anna Wadkin, "Room Without a View") portrays the Captain of the Guards in Casino Royale.

Angela Scoular (Myra, "Super Secret Cypher Snatch") played Ruby Barlett, a Bond girl, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, as well as Agent Buttercup in Casino Royale.

Anthony Sharp (Grant, "To Catch a Rat") was Lord Ambrose in Never Say Never Again.

Vladek Sheybal (Zarcardi, "Cat Amongst the Pigeons") was a villainous chess player/SPECTRE planner in From Russia With Love, and also appeared in Casino Royale as Le Chiffre's representative at the East German auction.

Yvonne Shima (Anna, "A Chorus of Frogs") plays Sister Lily, receptionist to Dr. No, in Dr. No.

Paul Stassino (Yakob Borb, "The Decapod") is both a NATO pilot and his fiendish double in Thunderball.

Philip Stone (Dr. Tredding, "Hot Snow" and "Brought to Book") was the British delegate, "Number Five", in Thunderball.

Rocky Taylor (Mitchell, "Escape in Time"; Cybernaut, "The Last of the Cybernauts...??") did stunts for nearly every James Bond film. Rocky has a website.

Edward Underdown (Jonathan Stone, "The Murder Market"; Rupert, "The Living Dead") plays the Air Vice Marshal in Thunderball.

Gabor Vernon (Russian Doctor, "Dead Men Are Dangerous") plays a Russian curator in Octopussy.

Richard Vernon (Lord Matterley, "The Mauritius Penny") is Colonel Smithers, the gold expert, in Goldfinger.

James Villiers (Simon Trent, "Small Game for Big Hunters") played Chief of Staff Tanner in For Your Eyes Only, a role was caused by the death of Bernard Lee—one obituary of Villiers mentioned the actor's disappointment that he wasn't subsequently cast as M.

Richard Wattis (Clarke, "Killer") was in Casino Royale, as a British Officer who phones his wife to say he'll be home late, when the war games start.

Paul Weston (Policeman, "Murdersville"; Peter Peel, "The Forget-Me-Knot") was the stunt coordinator for Octopussy, The Living Daylights and License to Kill.

Jeremy Wilkin (Tulliver, "House of Cards"; Richards, "Medium Rare") had one line of dialogue ("Commander...") early in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Douglas Wilmer (Dr. Harold Lang, "The Danger Makers") is art expert Jim Fanning in Octopussy.

And if you want to count that movie...

Sean Connery (Sir August de Wynter) starred as James Bond in seven films.

Nadim Sawalha (World Council of Ministers) is axed by Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and also appears in The Living Daylights as the Tangier Police Chief.

By the way, the episode with the greatest number of 007 connections is "Room Without a View," having seven (three of them unbilled, no less).

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