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The Outside-In Man
by Andy, St. Paul, MN

I've only seen eight of the Cathy Gale shows available on video in the US, but this one ranks as my favorite so far. I'd expected about two-thirds of the espionage/counter-espionage, but didn't expect the final counter-counter-espionage at the end (sorry, no spoilers here, kids)! I thought it showed how efficient and methodical Mrs. Gale could be in her work, and I shared her frustration at the lack of Steed's assistance; I found myself thinking, "Man, I know he's sent both Mrs. Gale and Mrs. Peel off to do his dirty work, but this is ridiculous!" Very quick, very clean, very fun.

The Outside-In Man
by Tony Gilman

While I agree with David about this episode being tight and neat, the camera focus leaves much to be desired! For example, the fight scene at the cabin where Mark Charter is hiding out— Mrs. Gale and Charter fight the two henchmen sent to bring him back to the Head Baddie, right? When Cathy attacks one thug, Charter attacks the other, but who is fighting whom? It gets a bit sloppy here, but other than that and the Blah Blah Blah speech from the General at the end, it's first rate. I find the Charter character (played so well by James Maxwell) very professional and very much the man-in-control. I mean, after five years in the enemy prison, he is still a charming gentleman to Quilpy's lovely secretary! I would have been drooling over her after 3 years! (er, sorry...) Quilpy must have been a forerunner to Mother; he also can't seem to control Steed. I would give this 8 out of 10.

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