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The Charmers
by Ioan Alun

Another indication of the strangeness that became standard in the Peel era, "The Charmers" is quite a good episode. We have Steed's eccentric opposite number, Keller, and his bizarre idea of a security camera—inside a dummy. A charm school run by the psychotic Mr Edgar, played superbly by Brian Oulton. And weirdest of all, a woman in a bald-headed mask who drops handkerchiefs for the charm school trainees. Also, in the scene where Steed is talking to Cathy about "Working cheek by jowl with Martin," in reply to Cathy's abrupt "My cheek is going to be nowhere near his jowl" Steed calls her "Mrs Jowl" before quickly changing it to Mrs Gale—I am not sure if this is a genuine mistake, as nobody seems to have mentioned this before.

Fenella Fielding is also very good in this episode as is the actor playing Horace Cleeves, who reminds me of my grandfather, "Fencing and Tottering!?? Tottering??!" The best line in my view has to be what Steed says to Martin near the beginning of the episode. "So, you didn't kill Vinkel?" "No, I haven't killed anyone all week!" I feel Keller lets the episode down a bit as he is as annoying as Brodny, but it is good when Steed easily beats him near the end. Anyway, I would give this one 7/10. It's good, but not as good as "Man With Two Shadows," in my view anyway.

The Charmers
by Alanna

My second-ever Cathy Gale episode, "The Charmers," was fantastic. I hate to say that it was nearly superior to its '67 remake. (Actually, I don't hate to say it, but Emma will always rule. Though I like Cathy lots.) Why? Well, this may not make sense, but the plot was superior. The radios in the bowler hats somehow outdid the Steed-style umbrellas for me (why doesn't Steed's bowler do that, anyway?). This may seem a trivial dispute with "The Correct Way to Kill," but every little bit counts.

What else? I absolutely adored the scene where Steed tries to inform Mrs. Gale that he has, in a manner of speaking, "sold her to the enemy." Cathy Gale really came to life in that scene, I think (rather like "The Murder Market" scene with the tiff between Emma and Steed) and expressed very human sentiments!

I especially liked the twist with Kim, and the scene where they hunted for "clues" (put almost word-for-word in "The Girl from Auntie"). Though I must say I prefer Olga and "the subtle approach" this scene alone was worth watching the episode.

Watch "The Charmers" and "Correct Way To Kill" in a row, and see what you think. I should have watched them both at the same time, but didn't have access to "CWTK" just then.

Anyway, a 4 1/2 star (or bowler) episode, a few points taken off for the rather weak scene where someone "breaks in" to Steed's apartment.

The Charmers
by Sami Mansoor

I think this is a brilliant episode, full of great lines. For me Clemens' writing works best in the Honor Blackman episodes ("Dressed to Kill" is another of my favourites). I like Fenella Fielding, as opposed to the slightly too eccentric Olga in "The Correct Way to Kill", and I think this episode really has a lot more humour, with the mutual misunderstanding between Steed and Kim Lawrence. The scenes in the tie shop and the charm school are just brilliant. There's more characterisation than in "The Correct Way to Kill" (and what does the 'O' in SNOB stand for anyway?), with the edgy dentist and the increased development of Keller. Highlights include Steed's phone conversation with Gale (and, of course, Keller!), as Steed says that he hasn't heard "one word -– not one word" from Martin, and Fenella Fielding's wonderful reaction to Cathy's renunciation of the name of Mrs. Steed: "Oh. I see." She clearly doesn't! Oh, and for some reason, the line about the spy laughing on his way down the lift shaft just makes me laugh out loud every time.

The Charmers
by Monte Wilson

This episode is one of my favorites from the Kathy Gale era, primarily for the appearance of the delightful Fenella Fielding as 'Kim Lawrence'. I've heard that she was up for the role of Steed's partner and was trumped by Honor Blackman. Her character's purring byplay with Steed is charming, and gave us a peek at what-might-have-been. The Peel remake has its own charm (love the chiropodist's and the amusing two-girl fight-scene choreography at the end), but the scenes in the tie-shop are better in this version, and the Gale episodes are just more creepy than those which followed. When someone dies, it isn't as funny, and I was genuinely concerned for poor Kim! Bully work, troops.

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